I’ve just seen an old notification, telling me that somebody filed a privacy complaint about my video of PM Carpentry of Coventry using his mobile phone and driving at the same time.

PM Carpentry of Coventry – The Law’s The Law

It’s a real shame that PM Carpentry of Coventry are trying to shut down legitimate debate about their driving habits, instead of learning to respect the rules of the road – you never know, that person you endanger by texting could have been your next customer PM Carpentry of Coventry.

I’ve also had a Youtube comment saying that I’m trying to ruin the reputation of PM Carpentry of Coventry. Quite the opposite is true! I want businesses in Coventry to respect their current and future customers by driving properly and not endangering other road users. PM Carpentry of Coventry have shown scant regard for the law, meaning that PM Carpentry of Coventry have got a ticket for this, and PM Carpentry of Coventry have then appeared in local media because of it.

Well PM Carpentry of Coventry, I’m very sorry for rubbing your name in the dirt. It’s your choice to break the law, not mine. Since I know PM Carpentry of Coventry has seen the original video, all PM Carpentry of Coventry has to do is drop me a comment or an email, agreeing that mobile phone use is dangerous, and I’ll happily remove this PM Carpentry of Coventry blog snippet.


  • Original post – http://www.pedalparity.com/pm-carpentry-coventry/
  • Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4cUunQ3_xA
  • Coventry Telegraph Article – http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/coventry-news/watch-pedestrian-berates-van-driver-11692969


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