In the last week I have been a passenger in a car, taxis, on buses, trains, planes and a ship.

Professionally, I have had clients in the airline industry, and to a lesser extent in rail and car hire. I have also conducted numerous parking and highway studies on behalf of various paying clients.

I just happen to keep lobbying for better cycling facilities in and around this city, because I believe that this benefits everyone, current “cyclist” or not. A city with more people using their own two feet is better for everyone.

I have also spoken out vehemently against Coventry’s disgraceful and thoroughly un-researched scrapping of bus lanes, a so-called “trial” of which starts next month.

Yet for some people, I will always just be a “cyclist”, because I dare to point at the gaping holes in their Emmental policies.

In truth, there is no such thing as a cyclist, other than professional sports people who dedicate everything to it. For everyone else who uses two wheels, a bike is just a means of getting around, nothing more, nothing less.

The fact that some of us are so “vociferous” is merely an indication of just how bad our cities are, and just how much work needs to be done.

Coventry is making some hints at new money to be found next year, but this needs to be backed up by scrapping the toxic bus lane removal policy, which cannot possibly work in tandem with any claims to either promote cycling, to promote public transport, or to promote a cleaner, greener city.




Note – on a day-to-day basis at the moment, I typically walk, jog and use buses. I used to cycle regularly until a string of incidents locally combined with a violent attack in London by a Fedex driver made me stop. Since then, I have only cycled using hire bikes on protected lanes in London, and on a recent trip to Spain. I intend to try cycling locally again in the year, so am still very much a “person who desires to use a bike”.

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