Vertical Sprawl – the Ultimate Definition

Vertical Sprawl – it’s a term used by some planners, and more often by opponents of higher density models of development, and some like to pretend that there’s no such thing, but I’d like to suggest that Tin Shui Wai new town in Hong Kong is the ultimate in vertical sprawl definition. I don’t think […]

Birmingham Airport Second Runway Plans – Candidates need to get real

Looking at the transport policies from the candidates of the three main parties, it’s clear that they all support Birmingham Airport’s second runway plans. Commenting from the point of view of aviation economics, rather than just the environmental issues which naturally concern us all, I think all 3 candidates are dreaming, and not thinking this through. The […]

Coventry PSPO is an embarrasment to the Labour movement

These comments are in addition to those already made by George Riches on behalf of the Coventry Cycling Campaign. My comments related primarily to the consistent failure of Coventry City Council to even acknowledge the existence of the need to provide for cyclists with disabilities. I object to the whole PSPO, on the following grounds: […]

Coventry Bus Lanes – so many unanswered questions

As Coventry City Council marches full speed ahead with its drastic bus lane axe tomorrow, next week sees the final two sessions of the public inquiry into the local plan. Some fundamental questions remain unanswered: How can any of the council’s figures be robust, now that bus lane removal has started (as of Friday 13th)? […]

Jayne Innes snaps back on cycling in bus lanes

In November last year, a last-ditch message was sent from the West Midlands cycling campaign chair David Cox, endorsed by Living Streets (largely a pedestrian lobby group) and the Campaign for Better Transport, who focus on buses. In short, the message had been backed by a wide coalition of concerned groups and individuals, who did […]

If you have a disabilty, you have no right to cycle

At the end of May, I submitted a detailed complaint to Coventry City Council, highlighting multiple reasons why they were failing to protect vulnerable road users, in accordance with the Equality Act 2010. This highlighted the four key areas where I believe discrimination takes place, in accordance with “protected characteristics” as defined by the act. […]

Why I’m really not a cyclist!

In the last week I have been a passenger in a car, taxis, on buses, trains, planes and a ship. Professionally, I have had clients in the airline industry, and to a lesser extent in rail and car hire. I have also conducted numerous parking and highway studies on behalf of various paying clients. I […]

Balancing the needs of all transport users

How often have we heard that our cities need to “Balancing the needs of all transport users”, when all this really means is that they are only thinking of car drivers – a strategy which can only mean that even they can’t be satisfied. What if Balancing the needs of all transport users actually meant what […]