Pedal Parity is a campaigning blog with one core aim – equal billing for cycling in transport planning.

Specifically, English regions need funding parity with London, and then all cities need to see funding for cycling increased to Dutch levels.

Calling for equal regional funding is an old chestnut, but the logic behind Pedal Parity is very simple. Why should London have more funding for cycling than Leamington or Liverpool, just because it has a rich and powerful transport authority?

Here in the English regions, we get the fact that London is always going to need more rail funding, because it has a much more intensive tube and overground network. such a disparity is natural, and there is no realistic proposal to build a major underground network in Birmingham or Bristol, and few people are asking for one.

So why should English regional cities lose out in terms of cycling funding, when London’s investment in cycling is governed by Transport for London?

It is time for Pedal Parity.

One funding pot. Bids based on competence only, not a contest between cities.

That’s all!

James Avery, Coventry, July 2014.

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