If you have a disabilty, you have no right to cycle

At the end of May, I submitted a detailed complaint to Coventry City Council, highlighting multiple reasons why they were failing to protect vulnerable road users, in accordance with the Equality Act 2010. This highlighted the four key areas where I believe discrimination takes place, in accordance with “protected characteristics” as defined by the act. […]

Why I’m really not a cyclist!

In the last week I have been a passenger in a car, taxis, on buses, trains, planes and a ship. Professionally, I have had clients in the airline industry, and to a lesser extent in rail and car hire. I have also conducted numerous parking and highway studies on behalf of various paying clients. I […]

Balancing the needs of all transport users

How often have we heard that our cities need to “Balancing the needs of all transport users”, when all this really means is that they are only thinking of car drivers – a strategy which can only mean that even they can’t be satisfied. What if Balancing the needs of all transport users actually meant what […]

Coventry Bus Lanes and why Jayne Innes needs to save them

Open letter from David Cox re: Coventry bus lanes Dear Councillor Duggins and fellow cabinet members, I am Chair of Cycling UK nationally and convenor of the Bike West Midlands Network which links up local cycling campaigns across the West Midlands Combined Authority Area and includes Coventry Cycle Campaign. Along with Living Streets Coventry and […]