Let’s call phone drivers what they are. Killers.

This is a very quick mock up, based on an existing (source unknown) ad warning about the dangers of drink driving. With phone driving having been illegal since 2003, but phone usage still rampant, isn’t it time we had a high visibility year round campaign to highlight the dangers – because unlike drink driving, there […]

There’s nothing to be neutral about with HS2

Yesterday, the CTC circulated an email about their response to the government on the latest round of HS2 consultations, in which they stated that the group is officially neutral on the project itself, whilst making objection on technical details such as acceptance of bikes on the trains themselves, making road changes around the new line […]

The Shocking Truth About The Sound of Music

So there it is, one of the most sugar sweet films of all time, and then, half way through, SHOCK HORROR OF HORRORS! Did you see those kids riding on bikes with their governess and NO HELMETS? I can only assume that the 50th anniversary Australian edition of the film comes with a restricted R […]