Time to Halt Menace of Phone Driving

Mobile phone driving. Everyone knows it isn’t safe, the law also says so, but a persistent minority to continue to do it. I’ve informally counted drivers when waiting for buses, and estimated that around 1 driver in 100 is using their phone at any one time, and official DfT estimates put the figure as even […]

Why motorbikes in bus lanes is a bad idea

Tomorrow, Coventry City Council are proposing to allow motorbikes into all bus lanes within the city. This is my response, highlighting why I think this is a bad idea.  Response on motorbikes in bus lanes proposal I find it completely unacceptable that the council is even considering extending permissions to allow motorbikes into bus lanes, […]

Cycle Lane Is Not a Motorway

This is my response to the “it’s not a motorway” video that is doing the rounds: “This video contains 14 happy people and one unhappy person. Even if that unhappy person had a legitimate complaint, that would still be an excellent outcome. “Not if he had a legitimate complaint under the Equality Act, namely, that […]