Planners letting down Binley and Willenhall again

  Email sent to Cllr Mutton in advance of today’s planning meeting John,   I note that a planning application is going before the committee today for a new Aldi store, and that this scheme has been recommended for approval. When the previous submission was made for houses off Middle Ride, I had hoped that […]

Shared Space is really just shoved space

Letter to editor re: new “shared space” junction on Coventry ring road Article – crash within days of “shared space” junction opening Sir, Your article describes the new ring road junction as “shared space” and then “less radical shared space”, but both terms are inaccurate. There is simply no such thing as space that motorised […]

Is this what you call a quaximoron?

Quaximoron noun UK   /ˌqu ak.sɪˈmɔː.rɒn ›An apparently pointless claim of environmental benefits of non-driving, due to other external costs involved. From quax + oxymoron   Last month, “quaxing” became the new buzzword amongst cycling advocates, sparked by a certain councillor Dick Quax of Auckland, New Zealand. He claimed that nobody would actually want to […]