The Garden City Model that should be in every party manifesto

Originally posted just after the 2013 autumn conference season, updated in April 2015: The Model Garden City that should be in all party manifestos Welcome to Jack’s town Over the last few decades, we’ve had repeated calls for a series of “garden cities”, often now labelled as eco-towns, but echoing places developed under the New […]

No speeding problem here

Thanks to the efforts of my local councillor, Bally Singh, the council have undertaken a speed check on Craven St. Unfortunately, whilst their response doesn’t surprise me, it does show that their definition of “no speeding problem” is very different to the one that others might use. It also shows that a street where 29 […]

Time to make the Canal Network a single National Park

Having grown up in south Warwickshire, not too far from Napton, where the Grand Union and Oxford Canals go their separate ways, I’ve always had a great love of our waterway network, and this has included a couple of family canal holidays when we were younger. Just this week, the Cycle Coventry project (instigated by […]

In Absentia Currum (in absence of the car)

The image below was taken a while ago on the Kenilworth Greenway, but it says everything to me about the reality of day to day experience on shared paths, bridleways and canal tow paths across the UK. Some people will always like to focus on conflict, and point out how people on bikes can’t get […]

Protecting our Cycling Highways

Every time I have gone past the edge of Hearsall Common of late, when there has been a fair on, there has been a general parking free-for-all. Since the opening of the new cycle path around Hearsall Common, and in particular the stretch along Canley Road, which also offers a contra flow facility alongside what […]

The start of a real Coventry cycling network

Yesterday, I blogged about how a single fence is blocking essential access to the Oxford Canal for potential users of all kinds, including disabled users, parents with buggies and of course cyclists. I pointed out how this blockage highlights systemic failures in our planning system, together with a general mis-understanding of how just one access […]

Campaigning for safer streets since 1982

I’m glad some people are finally starting to get the “Go Dutch” concept, but for too many, this just means the cycle paths themselves, and not the all important junctions and local street modifications that are needed to support the more obvious cycle “tracks”. Yet the evidence of how to do this right, and how […]

Our failed planning, transport, health and police systems

On Tuesday evening, a group of FIVE of us removed this illegal fence and one more, because it was blocking a legitimate access to the Oxford Canal (as it passes through north Coventry), an access conditioned with planning permission in July 2012, and upheld by the planning committee in November 2013. To date, despite the […]