Why more cycling is good for bus passengers

Tomorrow I need to go to Swadlincote in Derbyshire to pick up a bike. It’s a one off trip – I’ll take the train to Burton-on-Trent, then a bus to Swadlincote, pick up the bike and return home. I’ve not been to Swadlincote before, so I looked up the bus routes on Google maps, and […]

ANPR Parking Enforcement starts in Coventry

Coventry City Council have recently started ANPR parking enforcement, which they say they want to use to “keep kids safe” Our local councillor, Bally Singh, has posted the following on Facebook: From next week the council will be commencing the enforcement of school keep clear markings with a mobile camera car. An e mail has […]

Coventry was to get Dutch roundabouts back in 2007

Just look at the masterplan below for the Paragon Park development, which was approved in 2007. Sadly, a significantly poorer version, but still ironically called Paragon Park is set to be approved by the planning committee tomorrow. Note that this development largely conforms to the values of “New Urbanism”, which seeks to return a sense of […]

Coventry Planning – Whitley, another scheme which misses out vital cycling links

Here’s another example of a planning scheme in Coventry which completely fails to provide the required cycle access, in accordance with Coventry City council’s own policies, which clearly require cycle and pedestrian access to be safe, convenient and direct: Link to Coventry Planning – Whitley Business Park Comments as follows: The business units should bring […]