DIY Streets King’s Heath – FOI Request

DIY Streets King’s Heath – FOI Since I’ve just asked a Freedom of Information Request about DIY Streets King’s Heath, I think it is only fair and open that I publish this request myself, on a blog that is always open to comment. To Birmingham City Council – DIY Streets King’s Heath In respect of […]

Ban Cars? Make Cars Extinct? No thanks!

I’ve just had an invite to a Facebook group calling itself “no cars”, with a blog under the heading “make cars extinct”. I want absolutely nothing to do with such nonsense. Let’s look at this logically: The simple reality is that for a variety of reasons, UK car mileage is already going down, but if […]

How filtered permeability can support everyone in King’s Heath High Street

I’ve previously explained how cycle lanes in King’s Heath are perfectly possible, even on the narrowest points of the High Street. Below isavery quick sketch map, showing how a supporting network of streets could ensure that the maximum benefits were gaiined from transforming King’s Heath High Street usng properly mared cycle lanes. This strategy is […]

Why I’m very privileged to be a # bloody cyclist

This post is my brief response to another blog post talking about cycling, the need for care on the road and “white privilege”. What riding my bike has taught me about white privilege Another # bloody cyclist replies My reply is as follows: I have “white skin” but am also Jewish by the maternal rule, […]