Tesco – Welcome to FIASCO

    Email sent today:   Keith Allsopp Centre Manager, Cannon Park Shopping Centre By email to ka****@btconnect.com   Dear Mr Allsopp,   As a shopper who is both loyal to the Tesco brand and who finds Cannon park to be conveniently located, I am keen to continue visiting your shopping centre.   However, I am […]

Cyclists – We are the 3%, we want to be the 93%

This is the banner I used at last month’s Space for Cycling ride around the Conservative Party Conference. This was largely a response to comments by Birmingham Tory councillor Deidre Alden, who had claimed that cycling was the “exclusive preserve of the affluent, white, fit, male”. Unfortunately, she got the wrong end of the stick […]

Welcome to the Bank of Cycling

Here are a few images I have previously developed under the theme “Bank of Cycling”. They have been a little bit liberal with the original branding, but this should constitute a legitimate “steal” under fair usage: The first one is more about borrowing a well known transport brand and using it to emphasise the fact […]

Can We Do it?

So can we do decent quality Dutch standard cycle paths in the UK? I say – yes we can! Take a look at the image below – a nice wide cycle path, an angled kerb with a clearly segregated area for pedestrians. There’s also adequate lighting, and look, the cyclist isn’t even wearing a helmet. […]

Hovding Helmets – can we please kill off this virus?

I think that’s three times this week now that somebody has commented on my Facebook wall about a “new” airbag bicycle helmet that gives cyclists “invisible” protection. What’s wrong with the Hovding Helmet? I commented on Friday about why helmet promotion in general is a bad idea, but I think this Hovding thing is worthy […]

Why Cyclists Should Pay Road Tax

Question – Should cyclists pay road tax? My answer – yes of course we should, why shouldn’t we? How much road tax do you want cyclists to pay? Motorist – usually silent by that point. The “smart Alec” cyclist response to that – “But there is no road tax, that was abolished in 1937, nobody […]

Should I wear A Cycle Helmet? Why I keep an open mind.

Posted on my Facebook wall earlier and now shared here: — To those who have posted on my wall this week about helmets, this is the reality. Being the son of a highly experienced doctor who was influential in a number of safety laws, I take my own safety and that of other cyclists very […]